Aware Recovery

Founded in 2011 and based in Connecticut, Aware Recovery is an in-home addiction treatment program that provides “medically integrated behavioral healthcare that addresse[s] the root causes of addiction . . .” and provides “ongoing support to clients as they navigate the challenges of recovery.” The founders of the program believe that by providing treatment in the home, it increases individuals’ access to care by decreasing the stigma associated with substance use disorder. Aware Recovery currently operates in 11 states[1] and has admitted approximately 7,300 participants.

The 12-month, evidence-based, in-home rehabilitation program offers 24/7 access to treatment which includes an addiction psychiatrist, a primary care doctor, a personal and family therapist, a care coordinator, a peer support specialist, and an education facilitator. The care team also connects people to community resources, including legal and spiritual assistance. Participants are subject to random urine screening and GPS tracking and can receive U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved medication for addiction treatment. Delivering treatment and ancillary services that are customized to each participant is the cornerstone of the program. Since the treatment takes place in the home, individuals learn how to handle cues and triggers for relapse in familiar environments.

Aware Recovery is covered by most Anthem health insurance plans, and through various Blue Cross/Blue Shield and some other insurance plans.

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[1] Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Virginia.