The Legislative Analysis and Public Policy Association (LAPPA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to conduct legal and legislative research and analysis and draft legislation on effective law and policy in the areas of public safety and health, substance use disorders, and the criminal justice system.

LAPPA’s legislative attorneys research issues from every vantage point and work with experts throughout the country to draft model laws that fit stakeholders’ needs. Its model legislation balances the needs of those in the public health and public safety fields with the unique nature of state legislative processes. LAPPA recognizes that legislative uniformity across state lines is beneficial but understands that each jurisdiction must address its own set of challenges.

Many initiatives that address substance use disorders throughout the justice system and in the community take place across the nation and often start with one person making a small change to an existing system. LAPPA’s attorneys continuously search for and monitor successful, innovative state and local programs that can be implemented by other jurisdictions. LAPPA highlights these successful initiatives as a resource for states and localities who may wish to adopt such programs or practices.

LAPPA’s attorneys provide up-to-the minute legal and legislative research on existing and proposed state and local law and policies and on important and emerging subjects in the areas of public health and public safety, substance use disorders, and the criminal justice system. Providing nonpartisan and timely information, numerous stakeholders come to LAPPA for objective legal and legislative research on all aspects of the above-referenced areas.

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