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One-on-One With LAPPA.

Aliese Alter, Senior Program Manager, Washington/Baltimore HIDTA (W/B HIDTA)

The Overdose Detection and Mapping Application Program (ODMAP) provides, at no cost, near real-time surveillance of known or suspected overdose incidents across the United States, supporting public safety and public health efforts to collaborate and mobilize immediate responses to those incidents.



Lieutenant Jason Piotrowski of the New Jersey State Police discusses overdoses in his state and the use of the ODMAP system to gather real-time data as a crucial tool in his organization’s overdose response efforts.

David Sweat, Chief of Epidemiology and Courtney Serra, Opioid Epidemiologist, both of the Shelby County Health Department (TN), discuss how utilizing ODMAP in combination with diverse partnerships can save lives.

Assistant Chief Brian Gould of Cheektowaga Police Department and Cheryll Moore, Medical Care Administrator, of Erie County Department of Public Health discuss how ODMAP, partnerships, and strategies have resulted in a reduction of overdoses in Erie County, NY.


Model Overdose Mapping and Response Act drafting meeting in Washington D.C. February 2020.