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The views and opinions expressed by guests of the One-on-One with LAPPA Podcast series are expressly those of the guests, and the Legislative Analysis and Public Policy Association is not responsible for nor necessarily endorses those views and opinions.

One-on-One with LAPPA

Susie Mullens, Project Director, Be The One (West Virginia Recovery Network)

This podcast highlights the Be The One Program, a unique program that focuses on opioid overdose prevention from a bystanders perspective, encouraging students, staff, and faculty to Be The One to save a life. For more information, visit

One-on-One with LAPPA

Dr. Brittney Allen, Interim Director, Commonwealth of Kentucky Department for Behavioral Health
Dr. Katherine Marks, Project Director, Commonwealth of Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services

This podcast focuses on state efforts to improve the continuum of care for people with substance use disorder and opioid use disorder.

One-on-One with LAPPA

Susan Stevens – Chief Executive Officer, Tealdrops

This podcast focuses on overdose loss, grief, and resilience.

One-on-One with LAPPA

Kateri Coyhis – Executive Director, White Bison

Enrolled member of the Mohican Nation

This podcast focuses on culturally responsive strategies for addressing substance use disorder and the opioid epidemic.

One-on-One with LAPPA

Dr. Allison Smith – Senior Program Administrator

Louisiana Board of Regents

This podcast focuses on improving overdose prevention efforts and the availability of naloxone in higher education settings.

One-on-One with LAPPA

Dr. Erin Madden – Assistant Professor

Wayne State University, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Services

This podcast focuses on the importance of, and access to, the opioid antagonist naloxone.

One-on-One with LAPPA

Tom Knight – Founder & Executive Director

This podcast focuses on the growing problem of diversion of drugs in healthcare settings.

One-on-One with LAPPA

Arica Kulm, PhD – Lead Digital Forensics Analyst

Digital Forensics Lab, Department of Research and Economic Development

Dakota State University

This podcast focuses on the dark web, which has in recent years become an active market place for individuals to both sell and purchase controlled substances.

One-on-One with LAPPA

Rebecca Bonner, Executive Director
Bridge Way School


Dr. Andrew Finch, Professor of the Practice of Human and Organizational Development
Vanderbilt University

This podcast focuses on Recovery High Schools, schools specifically designed for students recovering from a substance use disorder. For more information, you can reach out directly to Rebecca Bonner at or Dr. Finch at You can also visit the website of the Association of Recovery Schools at

One-on-One with LAPPA

Melissa Heinen, RN, MPH
Institute for Intergovernmental Research


Mallory O’Brian, PhD, MS
Subject matter expert for the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute of Justice.

This podcast focuses on Overdose Fatality Review (OFR), an effective way to identify innovative community-specific overdose prevention strategies that blends input from public health, criminal justice, public safety, providers and the community to provide a deeper understanding of the missed opportunities for prevention and intervention. The Comprehensive Opioid, Stimulant, and Substance Abuse Program (COSSAP) OFR toolkit, along with OFR technical assistance, is available at

One-on-One with LAPPA

Daryl McGraw, Founder, Formerly, Inc.

Formerly, Inc was created to assist returning citizens and their families with the community reintegration process. The organization’s goal is to teach people how to get out and stay out of prison. Founder Daryl McGraw discusses his experiences as someone who was formerly incarcerated and details the steps that can be taken for individuals who are reentering society to do so successfully.

One-on-One with LAPPA

Honesty Liller, Chief Executive Officer, McShin Foundation

The McShin Foundation, founded in 2004, is a full-service Recovery Community Organization (RCO), committed to serving individuals and families in their fight against Substance Use Disorders. Honesty Lillier is the CEO and a woman in long-term recovery; in this interview she talks about her experience and the importance of recovery housing and peer support. For more information, you can reach out to Ms. Liller via email:

One-on-One with LAPPA

Annie Ramniceanu, Addiction and Mental Health System Director, Vermont Department of Corrections

Jurisdictions across the country are exploring ways to implement MAT (Medication for Addiction Treatment) in correctional institutions, where incarcerated persons have disproportionately high rates of substance use disorder as compared to the general population.

For more information, please contact Annie Ramniceanu via email:

One-on-One with LAPPA

Aliese Alter, Senior Program Manager, Washington/Baltimore HIDTA (W/B HIDTA)

The Overdose Detection and Mapping Application Program (ODMAP) provides, at no cost, near real-time surveillance of known or suspected overdose incidents across the United States, supporting public safety and public health efforts to collaborate and mobilize immediate responses to those incidents.



Lieutenant Jason Piotrowski of the New Jersey State Police discusses overdoses in his state and the use of the ODMAP system to gather real-time data as a crucial tool in his organization’s overdose response efforts.

David Sweat, Chief of Epidemiology and Courtney Serra, Opioid Epidemiologist, both of the Shelby County Health Department (TN), discuss how utilizing ODMAP in combination with diverse partnerships can save lives.

Assistant Chief Brian Gould of Cheektowaga Police Department and Cheryll Moore, Medical Care Administrator, of Erie County Department of Public Health discuss how ODMAP, partnerships, and strategies have resulted in a reduction of overdoses in Erie County, NY.


Model Recovery Housing Act Drafting Meeting September 15, 2020 (held via Zoom)
Model Overdose Mapping and Response Act drafting meeting in Washington D.C. February 2020.