Legendary Legacies

Legendary Legacies, a Worcester, Massachusetts gang rehabilitation and reentry nonprofit organization, serves men of color aged 17-24 who are not served by traditional educational, legal, or community-based entities. Based on four pillars: (1) belief; (2) opportunity; (3) transformation; and (4) brotherhood, the faith-inspired program provides participants with the basic life skills, case management assistance, family support services, and recreational and service opportunities through mentorships. The goal is to reduce recidivism and for these individuals to ultimately become contributing members of the community.

With several community partners (e.g., Massachusetts Department of Youth Services, Worcester Public Schools, and the Journey Community Church), the organizational platform is divided into two types of programs: (1) Legacy Builders, focusing on at-risk young men and demonstrating positive life outcomes and discouraging them from entering a gang; and (2) Legacy Links, focusing on incarcerated adult men who are reentering the community. Legacy Links begins while an individual is in confinement and provides a service plan for his return to life outside the walls.

Within each of these programs are various initiatives in which program participants take part. These include activities within the Safe and Successful Youth Initiative; access to a Crisis Response Team; and involvement in Restorative Justice Circles, athletics, podcasting, and much more.

For more information about Legendary Legacies, logon to https://legendlegacy.org/.